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I was under the care of another dentist who runs a very busy dental practice. As a result of his mediocre work, I suffered from low self-esteem, and I was embarrassed to open my mouth.

It started to affect my speech and my social functioning. Life was unbearable and I then decided to get a second opinion.

I did a lot of Google search of dental reviews and then I came across Dr. Jezdinsky’s dental practice. I did not know him but I liked the ways he answered Q & A on his website. So I decided to give a try to book a consultation…… and I am glad I did.

Through his dental work, I now have a beautiful smile, a really natural and charming smile. My life has forever been changed by his dental care.

Dr. Jezdinsky is a skilled and an ethical dentist. He listens to my concerns seriously, and he acts on my best interests. His staff are also excellent and friendly. They treat patients with compassion and respect. I highly recommend Dr. Jezdinsky to you. If you are skeptical, like me in the beginning, book a consultation to see him to form your own opinions. He would not disappoint you as he is a “perfectionist” in cosmetic dentistry, and you deserve the best dental care.

When it comes to cosmetic dentistry, Dr. Richard Jezdinsky is a consummate professional. He works with great care (and compassion). Dr. Jezdinsky has given me a totally fresh appearance with porcelain crowns on most of my upper and lower teeth (his work included two bridges and a few overlays). Also adding to Dr. Jezdinsky’s success is his staff, carrying out their responsibilities in a highly professional, knowledgeable, and helpful way.

Over the years my teeth had become uneven in colour and shape, and wearing white near my face only emphasized the fact. I now proudly show a happy smile knowing Dr. Jezdinsky’s excellent work has really helped to raise my self-confidence and feeling of attractiveness (love wearing my whites!). As a business person, I want to look as if all the details have come together, and my bright, new smile has definitely added to a finished look.

After my cosmetic dental work, someone whom I hadn’t seen in a few years remarked that I looked different and asked if I had something done with my teeth. I simply answered by flashing my biggest smile!

A warm and happy smile goes a long way to make others feel great.

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Dr. Richard F. Jezdinsky is located at Bloor St W, Toronto, Ontario, and serves the surrounding areas of Bloor West Village, Etobicoke, Markland Wood, Eatonville, Islington, Queensway - Humber Bay, High Park and Lambton.

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