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In this article today I wish to discuss terminology, in other words the use of synonyms or almost synonyms to express our thoughts. These days most of us, dentists who have practised for many years decide to limit the scope of their practice to the areas that we feel most comfortable with and the best at. We specialise. However, the word specialise is frowned upon by the regulatory body of dentistry as it is supposed to be used only by certified specialists whose practice is totally limited to their field.

I may not agree with this concept because I believe that a dentist who has practised certain procedures for many years is equally if not better qualified than someone who just came out two years of a postgraduate training and with no long term experience. Nevertheless, to avoid the controversy I call this concept focusing on a certain segment of dentistry. Focusing on something is very similar to specialising in my vocabulary but apparently does not ruffle any feathers.I practise general dentistry but I focus primarily on the implant dentistry and also on what is called very popularly cosmetic dentistry. Cosmetic dentistry is another word I wish to discuss in this article.

I personally prefer the term aesthetic dentistry which I perceive to be fairly close synonym of cosmetic kind. I still believe that the primary role of the dentist is to restore the patient’s impaired dental health to the proper function and the fact that these days we have techniques and materials to do it in an aesthetically acceptable way is the additional benefit rather than the primary purpose. The term cosmetic dentistry in my opinion may have a connotation of an enhanced appearance only and nothing else. I don’t think that anybody will argue the point that there was nothing aesthetic about the silver amalgam dentistry. I have not used this material in my practice for probably more than ten years, in fact I don’t remember the exact time I quit using it. In conclusion, I do practise general dentistry mainly for adult patients and many elderly patients and I focus on the implant and other aesthetic restorative dentistry in the Toronto, Etobicoke and basically all GTA area.

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