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Regular Size vs. Small Diameter Implants

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Having been an implant dentist in Toronto and Etobicoke for a number of years I have used both, regular size and small diameter implants. I have been doing restorative work for my implant patients for about 25 years and as of 2004 I have added the small diameter implants to my armamentarium and started doing both, the surgical and restorative phase of the dental implant treatment.

In my office I use the regular size implants for the support of fixed dentistry, that is crowns or caps as people refer to them and fixed bridges supported by multiple implants. I use the small diameter implants almost exclusively for the support of removable dentistry whether it is full or partial dentures. The relative advantage of the small diameter or mini implants as they are also called is in the fact that they lend themselves to the immediate loading. In other words they are ideal for the concept often advertised as “teeth in one day”.

Generally my feeling is that even though the concept of immediate loading is advocated or practised by some practitioners using the regular size implants too, it is not ideal. In my implant practice I prefer to restore the regular size implants after the proper healing period. Obviously, in the aesthetic area the patient will have to do with a temporary replacement for cosmetic reasons while waiting for the definitive treatment. However, I feel that it is wise to be conservative rather than prematurely loading the implant and risk a possibility of a failure.

Conservative treatment without an unnecessary risk of failure is basically the motto of my practice.

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