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The regular size dental implants and the smaller diameter mini implants are possibly in my opinion the single most important improvement in the dental technology that has been changing the way we treat patients in the 21st century. Dental implants in various forms have been around for a long time but the latest generation of them is definitely the most advanced. We have always been trying to save patients’ roots to be able to avoid replacements of missing teeth, however in certain instances of the roots being to severely diseased thus compromising the quality of restorations attached to them, an extraction and replacement of a missing tooth is a very viable alternative. A dental implant is merely a replacement of the patient’s missing root. Most implants are made of titanium alloys and they are placed in the patient’s jaw bone using a relatively simple and quite painless procedure. In the presence of a good quality and quantity of bone there is no need for any bone enhancement treatment procedures prior to the implant placement.. In my office I prefer to use various sizes of regular implants to support single or multiple fixed replacements of missing teeth. I find mini implants very suitable for the support of removable full or partial appliances however in certain selected cases they can serve well even supporting fixed crowns and bridges. The relative advantage of mini implants is in the fact that they can be loaded immediately. This is how the phrases “ teeth in one day” or “ 4 on the floor” originated. A patient can literally have a regular complete denture converted in one day into a mini implant supported overdenture. In case of a lower denture it is usually by using 4 mini implants. As for the regular size implants I allow a healing period between the surgical placement and the final restoration which I find in my experience to be as short as 2 months.

My office is always happy to answer any enquiries with respect to any of your questions on the subject of dental implants or any other dental treatment provided in our office.

My article is named dental implants in Toronto for a reason, I live and practise dentistry in Toronto and I have been practising using dental implants in Toronto since 1983. The information provided in the article is obviously valid whether the dental implants are used in Toronto or anywhere else.

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