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An Interview on Root Canals

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An Interview with Dr. Richard F. Jezdinsky on Root Canals - Toronto

What are alternatives to retreatment?
An extraction

Is retreatment the best choice for me?
The re-treatment is only required if the original treatment has failed.

Will the tooth need any special care or additional treatment?
The opening into the tooth to facilitate the root canal treatment must be properly sealed and generally speaking all the teeth with more than one root should be provided with crowns.

Can all teeth be treated endodontically?
Not necessarily, the suitability is established at the consultation appointment.

What does a root canal problem mean?
Not quite sure what the meaning of this question is but I suppose it means that you have a dental condition that requires either a root canal treatment or extraction.

How much will the procedure cost?
That depends on which tooth is treated, how difficult the treatment is and who is the operator providing the treatment.

Are there any alternative treatments for root canal?
Yes there are, extraction of the tooth and replacement of a missing tooth.

What is root canal treatment?

Root canal treatment is the removal of the diseased nerve tissue out of the tooth and obturation of the canal to prevent a reinfection

What is the dental pulp?
Dental pulp is the nerve tissue and blood vessels inside the root canals of a vital tooth

What happens if the pulp gets injured?
The resulting inflammation of the pulp is either reversible or irreversible. The pulp will either recover or a root canal treatment will be required.

Why does the pulp need to be removed?
If the pulp inflammation is irreversible it will result in pain,sometimes excruciating and eventually may lead to an abscess of the tooth.

Why would I need a root canal procedure?

If you have a severe dental pain and do not wish to have the tooth extracted you will probably opt out for a root canal treatment

What is Endodontics?
Just another word for root canal dentistry

What are the signs of needing endodontic treatment?

Dental pain and in advanced stages also a facial swelling.

What Happens at an Endodontic consultation?
Examination including X-ray examination to determine the feasibility of successful treatment and obtaining the patient s consent for the treatment.

How does the dental pulp become damaged or infected?

Due to injury, deep caries and or deep restorations{ fillings} in the past.

Are pain pills and antibiotics an acceptable substitute for root canal?

No, they are not, they are a possible temporary relieve of pain but not a cure of the problem.

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