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What's the difference between conventional dentures and immediate dentures?
Conventional denture is the one installed in the patient's mouth after the complete healing subsequent to the extractions of the teeth. Immediate denture is installed immediately after the extractions.

How soon can I be fitted for dentures after my teeth are removed?
If you opt out for an immediate denture you will receive it immediately after the extractions. If you choose a conventional denture you should be getting it after a three month waiting period.

Are dentures uncomfortable or painful to wear?
Very difficult to answer. Largely depending on the patient. I have seen patients with well fitting dentures and not happy with them and on the other hand I have seen patients wearing a disgraceful looking denture and being entirely happy with it.

Why are lower full dentures sometimes more loose than uppers?
The bone support in the lower jaw is much poorer than in the upper jaw. Consequently the retention is poor to nil. In fact in my office I will treat patients with a complete lower denture, only if they agree to having the appliance secured by either implants or mini implants.

How long do cosmetic dentures take to make?

Removable dentures fabrication in my office will take approximately two weeks.

What are the differences between acrylic and chromium dentures?
Most of the complete dentures are usually made of acrylic only even though there are exceptions to this rule, partial dentures are usually based on a chrome cobalt alloy.

What types of cosmetic dentures are available?
All dental work ought to be aesthetic enough to be presentable.

What are dentures?

Dentures are replacements of missing teeth, in other words what people call false teeth.

Who should consider cosmetic dentures?
Any dental treatment should be cosmetic enough to make the patient presentable in the public.

Why should I use a denture adhesive?

The denture adhesive should be used only if the denture retention is inadequate and it keeps falling off. As an alternative, the patient should consider to have the denture properly stabilised by using the dental implants or mini implants.

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