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An Interview on Dental Implants (2)

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An Interview with Dr. Richard F. Jezdinsky on Dental Implants - Toronto Dentist

Q. What are dental implants?

A. Dental implants are replacements for patient’s missing roots. If the whole tooth including it’s root is missing, the implant replaces the root and facilitates placement of a crown restoring aesthetics and function.

Q. What are the benefits of dental implants?

A. Restoration of the function and aesthetics while avoiding wearing of removable appliances for the replacements of missing teeth.

Q. How long does an implant last?

A. Dental implants may last indefinitely, are not affected by dental caries, but otherwise they are subjected to the same use or abuse as our natural teeth.

Q. What are implants made of?

A. All implants are generally made of a titanium alloy.

Q. Who is a candidate for implants?

A. Anybody who has missing teeth and has a sound bone is a candidate for dental implants, however some systemic diseases e.g. diabetes or habits e.g. smoking will slow down the healing process. Also, people who grind their teeth severely may possibly damage their implants.

Q. How are dental implants placed?

A. Implants are placed using a relatively easy and completely painless surgical procedure.

Q. How long does it take?

A. The length of the procedure depends on the number of implants being placed. I can usually place a single implant in a half hour appointment.

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