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An Interview on Dental Crowns

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An Interview with Dr. Richard F. Jezdinsky on Dental Crowns - Toronto

What are dental crowns?
Dental crowns are restorations provided usually for the teeth previously extensively restored using other materials such as silver amalgam or tooth shade materials.

How long will a crown last?
Crowns last indefinitely, however there are different reasons for the eventual failure. The primary reason is usually recurrent caries of the root under an existing crown.

How is a bridge different than a crown?
Crowns restore individual teeth, bridges replace missing teeth. Fixed bridge is provided for a replacement of a missing tooth or teeth rather than for the protection of an individual tooth.

Why do crowns fall?
Crowns do not fall very often. If they do, it is due to the failure of the luting material they were cemented with.

How do crowns work?
Crowns work by covering teeth completely and therefore reinforcing teeth.

How do I take care of my dental crowns?
Dental crowns do not require any other care by the patient than the natural teeth. They need to be brushed and flossed regularly.

How are bridges made?

The teeth adjacent to the gap created by a missing tooth are prepared for crowns, all necessary records are taken and sent to a laboratory for the fabrication of the bridge. The teeth are meanwhile protected by a temporary bridge until the definitive bridge is delivered.

How long do bridges last?
Bridges generally last the same period of time as single crowns.

How do bridges work?
Bridges perform the same work as patient's natural teeth.

Is the bridge procedure painful?
Bridges are made with the use of a local anesthetic and the procedure should not be painful.

How do I take care of my dental bridges?
The same way as the individual crowns or natural teeth, by brushing and flossing.

If you have a root canal, do you need a crown?

Most teeth treated with a root canal treatment require crowns, primarily all the molars. Otherwise it is the dentist's responsibility to advise under what circumstances the crown may not be necessary.

Are the non-metal crowns as strong as metal crowns?
The metal crowns are generally the strongest.

Does insurance cover the cost of a crown?

That depends entirely on the type of a plan the patient carries.

Is a Bridge necessary?

Replacements of missing teeth are advisable. Necessary is not the right choice of a word.

If you have a bridge do you have to watch what you eat?
We should all watch what we eat, however that has very little to do with having a dental bridge work.

Who should get a bridge?

Any patient who has missing teeth is a potential candidate for dental bridges.

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