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Whatever the reason, Dr. Jezdinsky comprehensively examines each patient's mouth as a whole.

Through careful evaluation of all the information such as radiographs, photographs and models of teeth, Dr Jezdinsky works with each patient in a relaxed manner to determine a completely individualized treatment plan based not only on his clinical findings but also with the needs of each patient. He will prescribe a treatment plan that will restore the whole mouth so that it works together, not only beautifully but comfortably as well.

At our clinic full mouth reconstruction takes place over several visits and may involve any number of the following restorative and cosmetic dentistry procedures:
  • Root Canals
  • Dental Crowns & Bridges
  • Full or Partial Dentures (Removables)
  • Porcelain Dental Veneers
  • Dental Implants

Root Canals

What is root canal treatment?

Nothing is as good as a natural tooth! And sometimes your natural tooth may need root canal (endodontic) treatment for it to remain a healthy part of your mouth.

During this treatment the inflamed or infected pulp is removed, then the inside of the canal is carefully cleansed and shaped, then the space is filled and sealed.

Afterwards, you will return to our office and we will place a crown or other restoration on the tooth to protect and restore it to its full function.

After the restoration, the tooth continues to function as any other tooth.
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Crown & Bridge

Crowns protect teeth against the further destruction when the previous restorations are too extensive and there is not enough tooth structure left. Bridges replace missing teeth. The decision whether a bridge or an implant is the right choice for the patient is something we are here to help you with. Crowns and Bridges are the oldest and most established cosmetic dental treatment options. In the most general terms, crown and bridge techniques involve cutting down the tooth or teeth to be restored and covering them completely with crowns or "caps."
In some cases, if the tooth or teeth in question are severely decayed or damaged, crown and bridge dentistry is the only viable treatment option. But, depending on your situation, the advancement of cosmetic dental technology has offered some alternatives, such as bonding, porcelain veneers, whitening or tooth implants.

Dr. Richard F. Jezdinsky can evaluate each patient situation and suggest the most suitable treatment.


Even though I believe that it is almost always preferable to replace missing teeth with fixed fixtures, sometimes it is inevitable to use removable appliances. These can have either conventional attachments (clasps) or precision attachments for superior aesthetics. Another rather sophisticated way is to use telescopic crowns.
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Porcelain Dental Veneers

Porcelain Veneers

Porcelain veneers are placed so precisely they are undetectable to the human eye. The veneers, made of laboratory-processed porcelain, are bonded tightly to the surface of the tooth; the porcelain veneer can even provide additional strength to the overall tooth structure. A seal forms between the border of the tooth and the porcelain veneer preventing bacteria from penetrating the tooth's surface. Advantages of porcelain veneers: they are very natural, extremely durable and require a minimum of tooth reduction.

Toronto Dentist Dr. Richard F. Jezdinsky can offer this procedure and make you smile again.

Dental Implants

In our office we use two types of implants. The regular size implants and the mini implants. The regular implants are the preferred choice for fixed replacements of missing teeth and the mini implants are used primarily for support of the removable prosthesis, either full or partial.

For the replacement of missing teeth it is imperative that dental implants be considered. Whether replacing a single tooth or several teeth, implants may provide a more natural appearance and feel. Unlike conventional bridgework, implants can provide tooth replacement without the need to cut down adjacent teeth. In addition to preservation of the adjacent teeth, the implant also prevents the loss of bone in the area of the missing tooth. Replacing the tooth with an implant restores function to the bone and prevents the resorption of the bone.

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Dental implant technology has developed to the point that it has become a part of mainstream dentistry, especially Cosmetic Dentistry.
To replace missing teeth, implants may be the solution you've been looking for. Recent advancements in tooth implant techniques mean that you can enjoy that healthy, natural smile you've always wanted. There is a wide variety of dental implants available, and West Toronto dentist Dr. Jezdinsky can help you choose the right ones.

To find out which treatment is the best solution for your smile, don't hesitate to call us.

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