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At our clinic Dr. Jezdinsky practices restorative dentistry with a very conservative attitude. If you wish to have an extreme smile makeover we can do it for you, but we will not push unnecessary procedures. Dr. Jezdinsky will show you the difference between the bare essentials and the ultimate treatment. Only you can make the choice between the "needs" and the "wants", and we will help you with that decision, throughout the whole process.

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The pictures above show you that dark fillings and discolorations in front teeth can easily be removed, preserving as much tooth structure as possible.

Our restorative procedures consist of fillings using various types of materials bonded to the teeth, crowns (caps), or veneers. Replacements of missing teeth are done with fixed bridges or using implant-supported crowns or with removable appliances (partial dentures). Complete dentures are also provided if necessary. Root canal treatment and surgical procedures are performed on a selective basis. Bleaching or whitening of teeth for a cosmetic enhancement is done either as an office procedure or a home treatment or a combination of both procedures.

Our hygienists look after the oral hygiene needs of our patients.

Any dental treatment not performed in the office is taken care of for our patients by promptly arranging a convenient referral.

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Dr. Richard F. Jezdinsky is located at Bloor St W, Toronto, Ontario, and serves the surrounding areas of Bloor West Village, Etobicoke, Markland Wood, Eatonville, Islington, Queensway - Humber Bay, High Park and Lambton.

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